Metallic CLutch 13276

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  1. Does anyone know how much this was at the outlet?

    Here is a picture I borrowed of the one I'd like to purchase, hopefully that's okay to borrow the picture.


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  2. They had two runs of the clutch, one run was in summery-spring-ish colors and ended up being around $35 (but this was when there was the 20% discount). I think this one was with the other colors and is $59. I could be wrong though..this is going from memory lol.
  3. ^^^^
    You are correct springy colors were under $ one point I think it went down to like $22 with 20% coupon. The darker colors including the silver was $58.
  4. This one is $59. The other metallic clutch is was $27.99 after the 20% coupon. HTH!
  5. Thanks everyone!!