Metallic Chloes

  1. How many people out there have metallic Chloes? I currently have a zip paddy in chocolate and a paddy tote in jade. (Both of which I adore.) But I've been lusting after the metallics lately. I can't find them in person, only online so I'm wondering what people think who have them.

    Are the colors soft? Bright? Does the leather hold up well? I don't really want the aubergine if it's more bronze than silver. :shrugs:

    I've included the metallic navy and the aubuergine picts.

    Right now I'm more drawn to the navy, just because it's different.

    What does everyone think?
    blue.jpg aubergine.jpg
  2. I have the metallic gold paddington and the metallic silver paddington. I LOVE the metallic ones! The leather isn't as soft or slouchy as the non-metallic paddingtons, but they are so stunning and beautiful IRL! They are shinier in sunlight, but not too blingy. They're just amazing. It's hard to capture good pics of the color, but here's some pics of mine:

    Metallic Silver paddy 1WTMK.JPG
    Metallic Silver paddy 2WTMK.JPG
    Metallic Gold paddy 3WTMK.JPG

  3. dear queenmab: i have the aubergine (sorry for the bad picture) and gold. i have use the aubergine so far and it really is a year-round color (IMO)! it will change color w/diff brightness and color of lights. hope this info helps...

    dear pewter: i adore your bags. silver is on my next 'hunting' list... :drool:

    enjoy the weekend, ladies!
    MVC-aubergine.JPG MVC-gold.JPG
  4. Thanks for the picts ladies. I appreciate the input. I think I'm going to go with the metallic blue - it's just so unusual. I'll be sure to post picts once I have it!
  5. oh i love the metallic navy! can't wait to see your pics! my second choice would be aubergine.
  6. The metallic blue is so nice! Good choice Queenmab! I can't wait to see pics of it!
  7. Oohhh that is a pretty bag. Post lots of pics!
  8. be very careful with the metallic paddys... mine rubbed against my belt revealling black leather underneath!:crybaby:
  9. argh! Was that your gold or aubergine, kap? :crybaby:
  10. That's more than a bit frightening :hysteric: - the color rubbing off. I'm going to examine it carefully before taking the tags off. But I promise - pictures FINALLY. I haven't received shipment confirmation from Net-A-Porter yet, waiting anxiously.:sweatdrop:
  11. I had a silver from last fall and the color rubbed off on the underside of the handles and on the piping. I loved it to death, but if I was going to spend $1400 on a bag I wanted it to last a few years, so I returned it and Chloe approved the return and allowed the place I got it from to give me a credit toward a new bag.

    The whole return process took a couple of months and I was very unsure whether I would get the bag replaced or just get it sent back to me with the return rejected.

    After that experience I'm staying away from metallics. They may have been improved since last fall, but I think since the metallic is just on the surface, eventually it will wear off.
  13. It was my aubergine... :crybaby: It doesn't really look that bad... because the aubergine is such a varying colour in different lights and on different angles it is difficult to really notice. The rubbing occured on the underside so it is not that visbile normally anyway.

    At least I know now with my gold to be extra careful!

    I don't want to completely freak people out, but I've noticed that this has started to happen to my aubergine also! I have only worn it a handful of times!
  14. IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE! :nuts:

    I'm still undecided, but it is very beautiful and I have a couple of days to make up my mind. As promised - here are pictures..

    What does everyone think - is it a keeper even though the color might come off?
    blue1.jpg blue3.jpg
  15. What a beautiful color that is. I love it. I may try to look into one of those.