Metallic Carly?? Anyone?

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  1. I could swear that someone else on here besides admat bought the metallic carly too because I think I remember them posting pics of it and saying how it looked like a gold/silver mix?? I keep trying to search for it but I can't find anything and I'd love to see those pics again...or am I dreaming of a metallic carly?? LOL maybe?
  2. AAAHHHH-HAAAA I Finally found who else owns the metallic But I don't think it's the medium. It looks like the slim to me. I knew someone posted about it on here!!!! It was spacytracy!!!!! That really makes me want it even more seeing her pics. Here is the link to her post. She returned 2 bags and wallets and got the Metallic Carly. ok I returned it all and got this instead and I LOVE IT, I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!
  3. Thanks for posting that! I must have missed that thread. I'm so excited to see that there is a Full-Size Hamptons wallet in that metallic!! I saw the small one on the website but I've been wanting a wallet forever and if I get the Carly I might just get the matching wallet too!

    I didn't make it to the Coach store yesterday (about 45 minutes away), but I did run by my local mall and check out the Dillard's counter. I swear that Dillard's gets ALL the new stuff before anyone, even the Coach boutique! Sure enough, they had both the metallic slim Carly and the Medium. I looked at both and they are GORGEOUS!! The SA took the paper out and modeled for me so I could see both. The slim does have a better drop length but, sheesh, $100 more for basically the same bag? Crazy! I didn't buy it yet because I have my Legacy Turquoise patent bag listed right now and need it to sell first.

    Ok, sorry this turned into a book, I guess I'm feeling chatty today. :biggrin:
  4. I wish my Macy's had the medium last night cause I would have made my hubby buy it!! They only had 2 of the slims.
  5. I've never really been into the metallics, but when I saw this bag IRL, it's TDF!!!! I love my chili so much, I would love another carly. This one would solve the problem of "does it match my outfit"? This would match or complement EVERYTHING!! And I have a new pinkish Lovcat wallet and other pink accessories I'm dying to use, but can't use them with the chili. I'm trying to be good and at least wait for Friends and Family. I think this is the bag!
  6. The carly would be so pretty but no metallics for me. I bought a purse from eBay and then have someone at Coach look at it. I sent it in. They just send me a letter yesterday telling me that they can't fix it. You see, the metallic finish has came off and it looked like a dirty bag. The good thing is...they gave me the full retail price of the bag plus tax so I have $536.82 in credit.