Metallic Carly?? Anyone?

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  1. This is the ONLY bag that makes my heart skip a beat from all the new stuff on the website! :tup:

    Metallic is hot right now, right? Will I be happy with this bag for a long time? Or is it too trendy?

    I just love it, maybe even enough to pay full price (yikes, I don't usually do that!)

    What do ya'll think?
  2. There's no fighting it.... it's smokin' hot!!! :yes:
  3. I think she's pretty gorgeous, myself. :girlsigh:
  4. Metallic stuff has been catching my eye lately too...I'll think that you'll be happy with it for a long time, and I say go for it! (Sorry to be such an enabler, but I'm considering doing the same thing myself and I'd like to have some company...hehe)
  5. I agree, that bag is AMAZINGGGG! :drool:

    Though I heard that metallic leather, once it rubs off, can't be fixed? :s
  6. The metallic Carly is just FAB! And although some brands have had issues with metallic leathers - I have two older metallic coach bags and they both look brand new still with no color transfer issues or rub off issues. I know there was an issue in the Chloe forum with the metallic paddy where it actually peeled.
  7. Ooo, yeah! Thanks for the enabling!! I'm buying it!!!

    queenmab, thanks so much for the info about metallic leather. This is one concern I had. I really want it to hold up well.
  8. I LOVE it!!! Metallic bags are so much fun!
  9. Love it!
  10. girluvscoach...are you getting the medium or the slim? I just posted yesterday asking if anyone had the medium Please post pics when you get this!! I can't wait to see it.
  11. xangelannx, I saw your post and kept waiting for someone to respond too. LOL! I guess no one has purchased it yet. I am going for the medium, mostly because the slim is $100 more and I HAVE to have a bag that will sit flat while I dig around, I don't think the slim is wide enough. I've had a medium and a large Carly before and prefer the medium.

    I'll definitely post pics when I get her. If I have time this afternoon I may try to go to the Coach store, but I don't think my store was getting any of the metallic bags, it will probably have to be ordered anyway.

    Now that I've decided, I can't wait!!!!
  12. I want the medium, too! I will wait for the next pce, though.
  13. I really want this bag but I am worried about the metallic wearing off. It's alot of money to spend if it will eventually look crappy. I need something that is "nicer" though because all of my bags now are very casual and I think this bag would look nice dressed up or with jeans. My Siggy bags wouldn't look too nice though for say a wedding or something though...right?? Would the metallic Carly be good for a wedding? I don't go to many fancy places but you do need a bag to take in case you do have somewhere to go.
  14. I saw both the medium and slim IRL today and they are GORGEOUS! I love them! Hopefully they will be around during the next PCE or selling for cheap on ebay soon. I love the medium! I am also afraid of the metallic rubbing off though...