Metallic Carly and Platinum Bridgit update

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  1. Stock for both the Platinum Bridgit and metallic Carly are low.

    For metallic Carly, don't be surprised if you don't see her at the boutiques today. Coach hasn't sent them out to the boutiques, eventhough it is part of the April line-up. Apparently, there are not very many metallic Carly's left, so there is not enough to send to all the boutiques. If your boutique is lucky enough to get one, then great. But both of my boutiques did not get them because stock is low. I only saw metallic Carly IRL at my Nordstroms, but even they said they only had a couple left in stock and not sure if they'll be getting more.

    Platinum Bridgit stock is also running low. There were 81 left in stock as of today although there are still several in the other colors. I ordered my platinum Bridgit today.

    So if you want either of these bags, please keep this in mind. Maybe Coach will make more, but this is what both SAs from both of my local boutiques told me today (yes, I went to both of my local boutiques today.....crazy!).

    Baglady39, there are 80 platinum Bridgits left in stock so get yours while you can!! My SA says they will sell out soon........
  2. FYI......

    I also found out that the LEIGH #11141 also comes in brass/khaki/platinum signature. It is not on the website or Look Book, but my SA looked up the available colors today for both Leigh and Legacy shoulder bag and this color is available for both!!! :tup:
    coach_legacy shoulder_11140.jpg
  3. I saw platinum Bridgit at Macy's, so that may be an option.