Metallic Bronze Flap

  1. Has anyone seen or own the bronze metallic flap. If so post pics and what do you think of the bag, color use, etc.
  2. I saw it in real and I love the color very much.It 's not shiny blonze but very classy brown-ish bronze. It 's in my wishlist for fall. Only if i can afford it now...
  3. I've seen it... it was just too small for my needs - it is TDF - if you love the luxury flap and you love the bronze color - you have to go for this bag!!
  4. Here are my purchases from today...I've been lusting over the bronze reissue bag and finally took the plunge. I also got the pearl necklace even though I think it is pricey for fake pearls but ce la vie. My poor dog modelled them for me as I am in my sleepshirt and thought I'd spare you guys that look.
  5. That purse is absolutely gorgeous!! The color is stunning too!
    Aaaw, and your dog is so pretty! :P That has got to be the most fashion-forward dog I've ever seen!
  6. Thanks...oops I just realized I posted to the wrong thread...I think this was meant for the luxury flap not is late I am confused. Definitely time for bed now.