Metallic bronze cabas

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  1. I just rec'd a call from my SA. She just got in a line of a metallic bronze CABAS without the embossed or stiched CC. Instead there is a CC on a chain and has a diamond stiitching towards the bottom.

    Should I get it? Or should I get a Modern Chain tote?

    Which one is in more demand? Thanks :confused1:
  2. Wow! So bronze is finally in? Watch the buying frenzy ensue.:lol:
  3. Exactly Mon! The words out so the frenzy starts!:roflmfao:
  4. Get it!! Where is it? A boutique or department store??
  5. At the boutique. Las Vegas. I'm not sure if she had to order from another store , but it's in.

    Thanks again!
  6. Ut oh.
  7. Meanwhile Molly, this is good news because that means that the one's from Saks will be rolling in VERY soon.:graucho:
  8. It's the most anticipated color for new cabas!
  9. :party: anxiously awaiting for the first pictures:yahoo: :graucho:

  10. Does anybody know what the bronze will look like? Will it be more of a muted color or shiney? Does that even make sense? :confused1: LOL I got a call saying my SA has a teal one for me.....not sure if I want it or not? Ohhhh decisions, decisions!:hysteric: I'm afraid if I pass up the teal that I won't end up with any! LOL
  11. YAY!!! I also cannot wait to see some actual member pics and hopefully IRL real soon!!
  12. Luv my bags if you dont want the teal can I have it lol ?
    seriously which store is it in that is if youre going to pass it up?
  13. wow, the bronze is finally here, how come they didn't call me yet??? I am #1 at Beverly Hills boutique!
  14. I called both stores where I am on the list--at opposite sides of the country--and both said the bags have not come in yet...
  15. ^ I called SCP chanel, the SA said they did receive a shipment today but have not unpacked it so she doesn't know if the bronze is part of the shipment. I didn't call Beverly Hill coz I have been harassing the SAs there, calling them like every week so I feel kinda bad to bother them again, can someone just call beverly Hills Chanel just to see if they have got the bronze??