Metallic Bridgit - does it look like this?

  1. and do you think this might be an everyday bag?
  2. I thought you said your other thread was going to be your last Bridgit thread... ;):p:upsidedown::lol:

    Yes, I think the Bridgit metallic leather will be that same color metallic leather but it will not be the woven leather like the wristlet. I think you could definitely use it as an everyday bag. :yes:
  3. LOL BUSTED! :roflmfao:

    Thanks, I may just bite the bullet and go for this. It looks stunning! I think I might order this and the black and then decide when they get here!
  4. I think that's a fabulous idea! Heck, maybe you will need to keep BOTH of them! :shocked:
  5. Yes, I posted somewhere that this was Bridgit's "cousin". I love the color and it has the cute turnlock strap. This clutch is as much as the Bridgit is!!:wtf:
  6. Yes metallic goes with everything and it seems like a large bag in that color would really stand out. You could probably use any accesory with it too ! Is the Brigit the satchel type bag or is that the madeline ?
  7. it's the bag in mokoni's avatar
  8. Oh thanks, that is a pretty one