Metallic Bridget

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  1. Hi. Does anybody know anything about the metallic leather that the Bridget comes in?

    I love this bag but I thought I heard somewhere that this particular leather doesn't last as long as the regular Legacy leather (and for $100 more, I would hope that is not the case). Also, is this bag hard to keep clean?

    I have been considering the Black and the metallic leather for a couple of weeks.
  2. metallic leather never lasts. Eventually it will rub and will show every spec of dust. You can't clean it either. Metallic leather is pretty, but too high maintenance, and it's deff not something you can carry every day.
  3. ^
    You're right!! It's definately not something you'd want to use everyday. Besides, if you like to carry a bunch of stuff it's not easy to get into with all of the compartments. I love mine though and will use it for special times.