Metallic bowler in black medium?

  1. Are these available anywhere this season? If so is the leather different than prior seasons? Any info would be great, thank you! I wouldn't mind an older one from last season either....thanks girls.
  2. I should say I'm looking for the luxe bowler in black metallic, size medium :smile:
  3. I understand that the metallic black one has been sold out long time ago because it's from last year collection. Anyway, if you are interested in a black patent one, please contact my SA at Neiman Marcus, Temba in Florida. She got one on hold for me, so you can e-mail or call her at or 813-877- 5700 Ext. 2123 (Handbags Department) or 813-957-3544. She is very nice and helpful person and she can ship the bag to you anywhere in the world! Goodluck!