Metallic Blue Paddington from NAP

  1. Just came yesterday - ordered because I wanted to see the color IRL. The color is gorgeous, hard to capture in pictures. The pictures taken inside (the first 2) more accurately reflect the color of the bag. Not sure if I'm going to keep it though - still pondering....have a few more days to decide.



  2. If you can, keep it. I'm hopelessly searching for a blue bag. Already have a paddy and an edith. Not ready for another paddy. But love the lock and everything about it.
  3. cougess I love this bag!!! :love: :love: :love: The color is gorgeous! :heart: Damn I do not need to love anymore bags!! I need to be on a purse ban...
  4. It's so pretty and different, in a good way. I'm liking it! :heart:
  5. cougess,
    Your bag is beautiful! I am still uncertain about the Black/Black or your Blue/Black. What are your concerns/issues with your bag?
  6. Wow, what a gorgeous bag!!! I really like the black lock in this color combo! Do you have other paddys as well, or will this be the 1st? What is it about the bag that you're not so sure about? Are you looking for an everyday bag? It's definitely a headturner and very unique! I :heart: it and think it's truly beautiful. Cute Chanel too ;)
  7. This is the bag I saw at Harvey Nics and Harrods a couple of weeks ago. Although looking for a blue Paddy, I decided to pass as it wasn't the solid crayon blue I was looking for. I do not like the blue/black lock combination.
  8. I think it looks gorgeous..!!! But good luck in finding the one you want :flowers:

    It was nice to have a chance to see this one, I've been wondering what is it like, thanks for sharing piccies :girlsigh:
  9. I really like it. Its an unusual colour. I think it could be a keeper.

    I went and saw a whole new bunch of Chloes last weekend. They had the Tracy in a vivid blue colour. It was so gorgeous I could not believe it. I never liked the bag much before, but in this blue, oooooh lovely!! :biggrin:
  10. I think that it the coolest metallic color EVER!
    Really eye catching and gorgeous!! In in love:love:
  11. I love the color - my concern/hesitation is that I already have a few paddies sitting unused in my infatuation with a new color only seems to last about a month or so.:upsidedown:
  12. I picked up my blue/black Paddy at Chloe . They only got 1 in so far. Its beautiful, but not for someone my age, so I gave it to my daughter. I did however tell my SA that the minute the black lock or hardware scratched I'm bringing it back for a refund regardless what the stupid return policy they have is (7 days no refund only exchange or credit). The metal underneath is NOT black, so it will look terrible when it does get nicked or scratched. She even gave me something in writing that I can bring it back. Its a lovely bag. They had the black/black one there, too dark with no other color on it. didnt like it much.

  13. The lock issue is certainly my conern too! Congrats on the bag for your daughter. Oh Donna did you think it was too bright/shiny for you?
    Mine is the black/black and since I only saw the one I had I might stop at Chloe and look at their black/black. Thanks Oh Donna!
  14. That's the only thing that keeps me from getting a black hardware bag. I was wondering whether it scratched or not. My SA was trying to tell me that they don't at all, but I find that hard to believe too.

    Back to the topic, Cougess, I think it's a beautiful color, though it wouldn't personally work for me. If you can rock it, then definitely keep it!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  15. Bought some $$ chanel boots this weekend so the bag is going back to NAP. :shame: :shame: Probably just as well. I'm concerned about the lock also, but I am glad I got to see the color!