Metallic Blue Marilou Sandal - Help!

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  1. Hi CL ladies,

    I am new to the infamous red sole shoes and was hoping I could get your expert opinions on my first purchase.

    I just got the metallic blue Marilou braided strap sandal and was wondering what your very honest and expert opinions are on it.

    It is a unique, electric blue color but I'm not sure if it is 'too much' so I was hoping you could help me decide whether or not it is a good shoe to keep.

    Please help me decide! TIA
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. If it's the one I'm thinking of then I think they're gorgeous.
  4. i think they are stunning!
  5. :huh:oh!! PRETTY!! I love them, I also am LOVING that dress, anyone know who it's by?
  6. I love the braiding on it, its a keeper!
  7. For an instant jolt of color these electric blue Louboutins are a fail-safe choice. The subtle iridescent quality makes it easy to work metallics into the equation. Shown here with a Matthew Williamson dress, a Chloé bangle and a Chloé bag.

    Here you go :smile:
  8. Thanks for the replies. I think I like them but I would still welcome more input.

    One of my concerns is that I have no idea what to wear with them. The really cute dress above that was paired with them is no longer available. Are they cute enough to keep if I don't have an outfit?
  9. I have always liked Marilou, and that metallic blue is just TDF. I think they're deinitely a keeper. You can always wear them with similar style dresses such as those by DVF or Nanette Lepore.
  10. They are very pretty-I love the color and I think these will go with so many things-just use them as an accent and they'll be wonderful!! They'd be gorgeous with white, black, denim.
  11. ^ Oh, wow, I had a serious brain fart at the moment...I feel dumb for nto looking! lol, thx girls ;)
  12. I think they are gorgeous---I almost got them off outnet awhile back........ I kept debating for an hour or so & then I checked back and they were gone!
  13. I adore this shoe and this color! I think you scored an amazing and unique pair of CLs!