Metallic black reissue 226

  1. Just wondering if Saks ordered the metallic black reissue 226. Thanks!
  2. The info I have says they did.
  3. ^^ do u know how much it is? thanks,,sorry if this has been asked :smile:
  4. pattihansen- do you know which Saks is getting it? i've called around to a few but they keep saying that they only have the 2.55 pearls in their lookbook.


  5. ^^ Same here. Anyone know for sure?
  6. Usd 2350
  7. I have talked with San Antonio and SA Brandi said it was on the list. So as far as I know, it is, and I asked her to put me on the wait list cause I can't decide between the black or the dark silver. Unfortunately Saks is not getting the dark silver. She did not know when the black metallic would be arriving. Hope that helps.
  8. thanks iceearl!
  9. I was at Saks Atlanta today and the lookbook just had the 2.55 pearls and the black patent 227.
  10. Maybe I have the wrong info.....
  11. Hi girls....I just double checked with Saks and I had the wrong information. They are getting the black patent reissue. So sorry!
  12. Nordstrom got the metallic black reissue, but the waiting list is long...
  13. Does anyone know if stores have started receiving this bag yet? I waitlisted at Chanel in NY and haven't heard from them. I guess I need to call and follow up. I thought they would be in by now.
  14. I know that NM is getting in the Black Metallic Reissue and the Dark Silver both. I wasn't sure which I wanted so I wait listed for both.... You may want to give them a call. They are saying mid to late August for delivery.
    Good Luck!
  15. Thanks all!