Metallic Black Reissue 224 - Look PICS!

  1. I wasn't planning on buying another bag anytime soon. Especially since I just got a GST not even a week ago. But I really couldn't resist after seeing everyone with their beautiful bags. So I decided to get the metallic black reissue in 224. I love the size and I think it suits my size quite well. Purchased from Hirshleifers for $1995+tax.

    I also took a picture with my silver classic flap for size comparison.
    224mb.jpg 224wsilver.jpg 224model.jpg
  2. gorgeous!! 224 is rare..and looks really perfect on you...beautifu!!!
  3. it's such a cute little bag! are you going to mainly use it for evening? how much are you able to fit in it?
  4. Azaelea - Well I don't really go out at night. So I will probably use it whenever I can. I will have to say it fits a card holder, cellphone, chapstick and maybe some other small stuff.

    Sweetkady - Thanks! I sped to the store when my SA told me it was the only one she had left! I wasn't even aware the 224 was rare.
  5. How lovely! Looks very cute on you, congrats.
    Love your avatar. =)
  6. I've never seen this size! congrats, it is beautiful and looks fabulous on you!
  7. Congrats! It looks gorgeous!
  8. Oh! It's cute and you look great!!! congratulations!
  9. o how cute!!!!! :p
  10. so pretty on you, you wear it well, congrats!!
  11. congrats! It's so cute.
  12. Congrats .. .
  13. Your bag is drool-worthy!!! Cant wait till my 227 black metallic gets here...
  14. Cute little bag...Yup...while most want to get 226/227, not many boutiques want to carry 224/225. Thus, it is rare. FYI, none is available in Canada at all ! So, I'm glad I'm getting my 225 soon!
  15. what an adorable bag! that size is too cute and it looks lovely on u! congrats :smile: