metallic black reissue 2.55 in size 225

  1. Is there still possible to find the metallic black reissue 2.55 bag in size 255 in US or Paris, as i live in hong kong.
  2. If you don't mind buying from a consignment shop, I just saw one at the Italy station at Granville road, I did not ask for the price, it was sitting at the window display, I caught a glimpse when I walked by...

    If you intend to buy from the shop...make sure it's authentic before your pay..
  3. is it a HOT item in hong kong?
  4. Call SCP Costa Mesa boutique, I just saw it last week.
  5. When you call, ask for Keiko. She will pack the bag carefully and beautifully for you.
  6. thanks~ everyone
    and katie : what's the phone no of SCP Costa Mesa boutique? where's it located? thanks~
  7. 3333 Bristol Street South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa, California - 92626Phone: (714) 754 7455