Metallic Black Luxe Bowler Availability?

  1. I've been coveting the metallic black Luxe goatskin bowler for the longest time now but am unfortunately still saving for it. Is it already to late to get my hands on one? How long can I realistically hold out before getting one? I saw one at Saks in NYC last month and am now kicking myself for not getting it... Any info/sightings appreciated!
  2. chanel boutiques are sold out of them... your best bet would be NM, Saks or Bloomies..

    GOOD LUCK! it's a gorgeous bag!
  3. Saks still has some. Give the Saks in Boca Raton a call and ask for Melissa. She can find one for you! The store phone numbers are on the Saks website.
  4. Saks definitely still has a few left. Mine is getting here on Saturday (after months of waiting and a disappoint defective calfskin one!)