metallic black lux bowler

  1. hi pf members!

    does anyone know if i can find a metallic black bowler now?? its sooo beautiful!!! i am so jealous of all your beautiful pictures!

  2. I would call the 800 Chanel number and see if they can locate one for you. However, they can only check boutiques....So....there might be one in the department stores...but those you have to call separately. Unlike LV, Chanel can only check boutique inventory. It is a beautiful bag.....I am sure that there must be one out there! Best of luck!:yes: Post pictures when you get it!
  3. thanks nypersonalshopper...i really hope i can find going crazy just looking at how cute it looks in all the pictures!!
  4. Call Saks NYC... they are getting more in and you can get on the list.
  5. thanks japskivt!

    hopefully the list isnt too long. sometimes they get really snobby and just tell you that the line is so long that there is no point putting your name on there.
  6. I am thinking about getting one. SA calling me back today concerning the large metallic bowler in black, I am so unsure. I have heard that there was no problem at all with the black metallic bowler. However, I am not sure if I want to trust another form this collection. Prehaps, it will start to rub of two years from now or twenty years from now. When a bag is purchased form a house such as Chanel or Hermes, I expect my bags to be forever. Maybe, I am borrowing trouble just so unsure about this.
  7. Ktown I know what you mean. While there have been no reports of the black metallic rubbing off either in here or in boutiques, how do we know what the future holds? Actually, I believe there was a post in this forum about a Chanel represenative who traveled a lot with her black metallic bowler and the color did rub off - quite a bit in fact. However, given her hectic schedule the bag was probably used and abused every day.

    I really wanted the bowler in metallic black goatskin but decided to keep the deerskin instead. My rationale was my sister paid for my metallic flap and while that doesn't make it any less valuable/special, I feel like I can breathe a little easier when using it. And if it does experience color rub-off in the future I will still have my bowler, my first love, in a non-metallic leather.
  8. roey is there a big issue w/the metallic goatskin rubbing off? I never read that anywhere - is it in this forum? Thanks!
  9. Just the gold bags, not the black. There was one instance of the black that someone posted here. It was not her (the member's) bag but a bag the member saw at a Chanel trunk show(?). The bag belonged to the Chanel rep who admitted to using the bag everyday, traveling, etc., so it probably received some abuse - more than any of us here give our bags.
  10. ah ok! Just curious if it was the black version.