Metallic Black in Jumbo 228 or Pearl Chanel 225?


Jumbo Metallic Black or Chanel Pearl

  1. Jumbo Metallic Black 228

  2. Limited edition Chanel Pearl

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  1. The Jumbo metallic Black and the pearl chanel almost the same price. Which one should I get? Thanks for your help!
    bf63_1.jpg Resize of black metallic 014.jpg
  2. 228 is humongous. I was turned off immediately the first time I saw it.
  3. I haven't seen the 228 but the 227 was too large for me. I vote for the l/e pearl.
  4. The Pearl is AMAZING!!!
  5. IMO the 228 is too big. The pearl reissue is pretty.
  6. 228 is huge, unless u are 6-foot tall.
  7. Well, they would both serve very different purposes IMO. The 228, to me, is not a size that can be dressed up really, whereas the 225 pearl reissue has "dress up" written all over it haha. Regardless of price, I'd get the bag you'd use more often, or would prefer to have in your collection. If it's a gorgeous, dressier bag, then get the pearl reissue... if it's a large size, casual flap you're after, then go for the 228 reissue. For me though, the largest size I could buy a reissue in is the 227 size, and even then, my favorite size is the 226. :smile: Good luck deciding!
  8. I vote for the pearl reissue, the 228 is just too big.

  9. Hey I resemble that comment!!!! Lol.
  10. Several people who aren't 6 feet tall have posted pics of themselves with their 228's and they look great! I'm not tall at all and I love it and would use it and plan to get a metallic black reissue. I think it's just a matter of preference.
  11. black metallic gets my vote
  12. love the 228, I dont think it is to big at all. I love pearl, but how ofter could you use it, even if you went to an event everynight, you wouldnt want to wear the same evening bag, but the 228 you could use for many things and dress up, I think
  13. i really think its a matter of opinion about the 228 being too big.

    I love the size. It fits a good amount and has got en edgy look to it whick I really like. I have one in grey. I personally thing that 225 and sizes like that are way too smalll. KWIM?

    It depends on you and what you will use the bag for.

    I don't buy Chanel bags for going out at night. i use them as everyday bags. Most of the time if I go somewhere very fancy where a small bag is required I carry a small clutch anyway.

    I think i wold rarely bring my $2k+ bags out on the night life seen where food and drinks are likely to spill. :push:
    Also when I'm out at night having fun I don't like to be on "bag guard"

    So the fact that the 228 is really big I LIKE b-cuz its a perfect everyday bag size.

    We all have our own opinions. I would not steer you either way. I would just encourage you to think about when and what you'll be using it for :tup:
  14. Thanks everyone for your vote!
    Actually, I bought the Metallic black 228 before this poll and was so undecided about the Pearl bag. I was in two minds that if I should change it to the Pearl or buy the Pearl as well. Finally, I bought the Pearl too . I think I was influenced by this poll phychologically. Two days ago, I decided to keep the Pearl and sold the 228. I was feeling like "torn between two lovers". I hope I made the right decision.
  15. Good decision. Thanks for letting us know :smile: