Metallic black 226 reissue is here, yay... pics! :)

  1. Hi ladies!! :smile: I was so happy when the Fed Ex guy rang the doorbell this morning... I thought I would miss him for sure today and tomorrow, but he turned out to be the hero of my week haha... he brought me my metallic black reissue!!! I absolutely love size (226 is my favorite!), color, distressed hardware, everything!!! :love: Here are some pictures (can you tell I'm not a professional photographer haha? :p)... anyway, I hope you like them!! :heart:

    Reissue in natural light taken without flash:

    Reissue pic taken with flash:

    Another pic with flash :drool::

    A "modeling" pic :p:

    My happy reissue family! :love:

    Thanks so much for letting me share!! :heart:
  2. WOW...the bag looks fantastic on you and your reissue family is gorgeous. Congrats!!!!
  3. It's gorgeous. Very chic! Enjoy.
  4. Gorgeous, the whole family, I never get tired of looking at reissues. Congrats, lucky girl!
  5. is the one on the far left the dark silver or gold reissue? they're so lovely together!
  6. Wow! So beautiful!!! Congratulations!! Thanks for posting the pics.
  7. tayls - Aww, thank you soo much (the bag would make anyone look great though)!! :heart:

    Cosmopolitan - Thank you!! :flowers:

    girlie - Aww, thanks.. neither do I haha... I better not!! :p

    ldldb - Hi! :smile: The one on the far left is actually the dark silver 226! :p

    cheapmommy - Thank you!! :heart:
  8. Wow, its so beautiful. The metallic black is really growing on me!
  9. you look awesome with this bag and your reissue family is so cute: mommy and daddy dark silver and metallic black with little baby light silver.
  10. Congratulation! The fedex delivered mine 226 this morning. The black metallic is gorgeous IRL. I love it.
  11. Minal, metallic black reissue is absolutely gorgeous. You look great with it, congrats & enjoy. =)

    Your Reissue family is simply stunning! WOW!
  12. The Metallic Black Reissue looks hot with your red dress! Very classy and eye-catching. All of your reissues are beautiful. Enjoy your great new bag!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. It looks fabulous on you! I :heart: your collection, too!
  14. Luccibag - Thank you!! :heart: Ohhh... growing on you huh... enough to buy one? :graucho: I LOVE your new additions by the way, they're so stunning!! :drool:

    azaelea - Aww, thank you... the family names, soo cute!! :tender: Hmm... little miss light silver wouldn't mind an older Bordeaux brother haha. :p

    iluvchanel - ITA... it's just stunning IRL!! :heart: Congratulations on your new reissue... we're twins, yay! :smile:
  15. Hey hottie!

    The bag looks absolutely AMAZING on you, but that's no surprise. I LOVE your dress too! Gosh, could you be any more gorgeous? The 226 is perfect on you and you are rocking that bag like nobody's business. Congrats and I'm so happy that you can finally enjoy your new beauty! :heart: I think your stand alone pics are the best yet of the metallic black. The color is true to life in your pics.