metallic black 226 or Black Jumbo??? HELP!!!

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  1. Hi there, I'd like to know which bag you think I should get as my 2nd chanel. I already have the med/large black caviar w/ GHW and I use that mainly for dressier occasions. Now I'm on the fence between the metallic black 226 w/ ruthemian h/w and the jumbo caviar w/ SHW. I'm completely torn between the two and really can only afford one. I'm from canada and hardly see any Jumbos so I'm leaning towards that, but I feel like it may be a little flashy which is why I like the reissue...but I love the cc lock, I kinda find the mademoiselle lock a little annoying...HELP!!
  2. I would go with the metallic black. Soooo pretty!!! :heart: You already have a black caviar w/GHW. The jumbo is close to what you have now. The metallic is a bit lighter,kind of a dark charcoal,IMO. This way you would have two different styles(classic flap & reissue) GL w/your decision.:smile:
  3. I'd say go for the metallic black reissue 226 since you already have the med black caviar.
  4. Huh? Where can you find a black metallic? I've been looking for one with the pewter colored hw in the 227 size but to no avail. I'd go for the metallic if you can get your hands on one!:tup:
  5. IMHO, i wud always say choose the black jumbo to metallics as they are more timeless. but since uv already have a beautiful medium classic, i say go for the metallic reissue. have u thought abt the matte distressed leather reissue? i think its more timeless!! and durable!
  6. The metallic black gets my vote. I don't have any problems with the mademoiselle lock; you'll get used to it soon enough.
  7. i like the matte black with gold hardware best.

    Between matte black and metallic black, i will choose matte black

    Between jumbo black and metallic black, i will go for metallic black since you have the med/large classic flap in black with ghw already.
  8. metallic black reissue 226, it's so cute!
  9. Get the metallic black reissue. Jumbo caviar and your medium caviar is too similar. ;)
  10. Definitely the reissue since u have the classic flap already!~~
  11. I love the caviar black jumbo ....its is not flashy at all but very classy. It can really be used as casual or night out. I think they metallic black is nice too but the size will probably be good only for night since the space is limited.
  12. i prefer 226
    i had jumbo b4,but sold it out.coz when i have jumbo i will wish i would have 226.becoz too many ppl got same purse as me.