Metallic Black 226 & Black 225..side by side

  1. Hello ladies, received my Metallic Black 226 today, I have taken some pics, please excuse me for the quality of the pics as they were from my mobile phone..

    I have also take pics of my original black in 225... I find that there are too I will most probably get a 227 here are the photos...

    And thank you ladies for letting me share my thoughts for the past weeks....

    225226B.jpg 225226A.jpg

    225226E.jpg 225226D.jpg


    Here is the 'specs' of the Metallic Black 226 :
    Noir (45)
  2. They do look rather similar... since u're abt the same height as Dragongirl and she looks gorgeous with the 227, you should be able to carry it off as well.

    Remember to post pics when u get it ;)
  3. They are really look similar. It's always better to compare with actual products. I'm glad you know what you're looking for now. BTW, I got your PM ealier. Thanks again! I hope I can get mine soon! :tup:
  4. yes... rather sad now...
  5. :oh: Hope you find yours soon! Are you returning it to US or re-sell it in HK? I guess it's more expensive in HK, isn't it? Lucky you don't have to worry about paying the tax/duty for importing the bag to HK in the beginning.
  6. I might just try to sell it in HK.... :smile:...thanks ceci for your sopporting words...
  7. Thanks for sharing pics.
    Wishing you the best of luck in selling this and locating a 227.
  8. hi iceearl! sorry to hear that you didn't end up wanting the 226 size. i can see why because the 225 and 226 are so similar. maybe that's why alot of stores didn't even bother to order 225 this time around. call brandon and see if they have it because i just went in to put my credit card number for the 226 and he said that the 227 came in already. good luck!
  9. They look way too similar in size to keep. I'd definitely get the 225 and 227.
  10. Nice to see the side by side compare....
    Thanks for posting.
  11. UGGH, I am dying for my metallic black, the bag is so beautiful IRL. Both bags look amazing on you, but I'm partial to the metallic black.
  12. have to agree, 227's the way to go! both are gorgeous though and look FAB on you, IceEarl!
  13. I hope you get your 227 soon and I have a question about the metallic reissues:

    It's soooooooo hard to see anything metallic in pics, all pics I've seen thus far, the bags just look like a normal black bag - now here's the question -

    Do they shimmer/sparkle in various lighting? Or is it just a subtle sheen to them?
  14. yea....get the 227....too similar for the same bag (but I must say that it is obvious the 226 is bigger than the 225...but not enough bigger since you already have the 225). Awesome bag though.....I want it!
  15. Thanks for the post...I never realized how simliar they were either until they were sie by side. Even with the difference in size....they are very similiar.