metallic betty shopper or white muse?

  1. I was lucky to grab these 2 from NM on sale. I am looking for a bag for Spring/summer, which one should I keep?

    I never had a metallic bag, will the color fade around the handle?

  2. Tough decision....two very different bags and looks....
  3. I know someone who has the metallic betty and the color has rubbed off....part of the personality of the metallic bags I guess.
  4. What size Muse is it? Large? or medium? Or Oversized?
    I am a big fan of the muse but mostly chocolate or metallic....
    But I think I love Betty more (at least for now) So I vote Metallic Betty! :yes:
    Let us know what you decide!
  5. I have decided to keep the Muse as i think the style is more classic... Thanks guys.

    UliUli: the muse is oversize.
  6. Oh! Then it changes things. I though the Muse was medium. Oversized white is stunning! Good choice:yahoo: