Metallic Bangles!

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  1. Metallic has been the biggest trend this year. Gold, silver, and bronze colors are everywhere. The stars first wore it and now every trendy person who loves fashion is wearing something metallic. Accent pieces are the best way to wear this trend especially since metallics are neutral colors and go with everything.
    Here Jennifer and Ashley are layering lots of thin metallic bracelets. This trend in jewelry is being seen all over Hollywood, and these stars are rocking it with their metallic bags and shoes.

  2. i love metallic bags!
  3. I think this trend is here to stay for a while (along with all fashion jewelry) ---I wear bangles (mostly gold) everyday. My work attire has become a dress (mostly DVF) some bangles and a great bag. I love the style because it allows you to personalize yourself; with all the styles it still appears as though we are all wearing the same "uniform".
  4. Yeah, I read that metallics are really in.
    I'm going to go get me some bangles!
  5. I like the look. :biggrin:

    Although, I prefer a single thick bangle, myself. :yes:
  6. I think gold/silver jewelry has always been in style. We're just seeing more of it on the red carpet nowadays. I have always loved to wear gold bangles.