Metallic ballet?

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  1. Would you say it looks a little rose gold in person? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459948011.998281.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459948025.037933.jpg Really like the look of this Greenwhich Wallet, looks like it's both normal and metallic ballet and I think it's so pretty.
  2. I have not seen the metallic version of ballet so can't comment on that but I have to say that this is a really pretty wallet!!
  3. A little, yes. I really liked it when I saw it as you know ;)

  4. I thought it was nice and elegant... My jet set continental will have to be re homed for this I think :smile:

    Yes ;) im getting into neutrals as well as bright... They just go with more :smile: xx
  5. I'd be seriously interested to see pictures of this if you buy it! It is very elegant. What colour is your jet set continental? Have you listed some of your bags on eBay? I keep pondering listing my large Selma. I don't use her at the moment! x
  6. My jet set continental is in raspberry. I have loved it for 6 months but now I love my little coral one more and could do with a neutral rather than two bright ones. Will let you know :smile:

    Yeah my watermelon Bedford is on still, managed to sell my deep pink purse so that was 🏻
  7. Well done on your sales! Just out of interest what postage do you send your stuff by when you sell? The options are overwhelming!

    Ballet Pink is so pretty. I stopped at Morrison's on my way home from work and saw a lady with a metallic ballet jet set tote. It was so pretty! The metallic really doesn't look too much. I think I'd like it in a Selma messenger with SHW and matching coin purse... :graucho:

    I was sent a very late birthday present by an aunt so I think the cash can go towards the coin purse....! Going to Harrods next Sat with some friends for afternoon tea so planning to get there early and visit MK :happydance:
  8. I believe smileydimples bought a selma in the shiny ballet :smile: it looked like a metallic pink to me!

  9. Last time I sent a MK handbag I had to send it special delivery and I purchased a box at the post office which was handy. I think it cost me about £8 but I had the peace of mind knowing it would get to its destination and I was covered for loss/damages etc.

    Oh afternoon tea ️ lucky you and a shopping trip to boot. I have everything crossed its there for you :smile:

  10. I shall have to have a look in the Selma thread ;) Thankyou
  11. Aw thanks hon. :drinkup:

    Afternoon tea at Harrods isn't something I've ever done before but it should be fun!
    I think I can sneak a coin purse past DH and the amex bill :graucho:

    £8 isn't too bad if you manage to sell for a decent price, its amazing how ebay fees add up!
  12. Oh I know they soon do but so long as I get a good price that I can put towards another piece it's ok

  13. That is one beautiful wallet. Love it.
  14. Different from my usual style as I like to have the normal logo but I think it's the two tones of leather that has drawn me in