Metallic bags

  1. Well, that one is very silver...beautiful, but I don't think it will last as long as a more muted color, like bronze or pewter. But if you love it, why not buy it and sell it when you are done with it?
  2. I am LOOKING.
    Sent back the first (Kooba).
    Sent back the 2nd (Tano).
    #3 (Anna Corinna) should be here tomorrow.

    Beginning to think I need to spend more money (Anya Hindmarch was TDF, but I was too stingy, and now it's gone).
  3. I think that you should get it! If you love it then buy it! Plus the price is very reasonable and thats always nice!

    I have a LV Gold Miroir Papillion and the LV Silver and Gold Miroir Coeurs...I absolutely love them to death! I have a friend who keeps telling me to stop buying metallic gold things because she thinks that it will be out soon! She says that silver is more neutral and will always be in! Personally, I love the look of gold and not so much silver because its too plain for my tastes! So I just keep buying gold! lol!