Metallic Bags

  1. How does everyone feel about metallic bags? Im saw a really nice metallic silver hobo /bucket style bag amd was wondering if it'll look ok. It's a noname bag but I think it'll add a little bling to everyday outfits. Whatcha think? The style is similar to YSl downtown tote. Thanks for the inputs!!
  2. I love metallic bags, but they have to be a) real leather and b) not too shiny... Otherwise I think they can look tacky.

    The bag you described sounds cute!
  3. I like metallics, but not bright silver or gold. I prefer gunmetal and bronze.
  4. ^^^
  5. Love metallic bags!
  6. I love them also and have two :smile:
    First is the Andrew Marc "Vibe" in Gunmetal- love it! It is metallic in a elegant way and not harsh at all...
    The second is a Goldenbleu "Marilyn" which is a beautiful metallic gray-
    Since they are similar I should probably keep only one (likely the first because I prefer satchels to hobos) but metallics are such a great neutral if they are subtle!!!
    IMG_1157.jpg gb.jpg
  7. that's right
  8. I love metallics in bronze.
  9. ITA.
    tekla.JPG 100_0760.JPG
  10. I have been carrying my bronze metallic bucket hobo from Banana Republic for a couple of years. I love it. It goes easily from professional to casual because it's not too structured, and the color is muted enough to make it work-appropriate.
  11. I own one metallic bag - CHANEL bowler - and :heart: it to pieces.

  12. I purchased the B.Makowsky West Broadway Top Zip Crossbody tonite from Macy's. My heart was really set on a gunmetal that reminded me of the silver from my Chanel palette and this fit the bill. :girlsigh: The gunmetal color is not too shiny nor bright. (The SA told me the crossbody didn't come with "B" tags... not sure if the picture below from Dillards is accurate with the tags.)
  13. I like them a lot, but only own one - and I never carry it. Not sure how to work them, they just don't seem to go with my regular casual clothes.
  14. Metallic bags are tdf. They are good neutral additions to any wardrobe.