Metallic Bags?

  1. Has anyone bought one recently, or waiting to buy one?

    I really want one, but am not sure what to buy - I've been looking, but nothing has really struck me yet...
  2. i like metallic bags but i wouldn't buy a high-end one because metallics are definitely a trend that comes and goes, not something i know i will be wearing for years to come. unless it's an evening bag/clutch.
  3. Check out Elliott Lucca bags in Graphite on
  4. Ha! I was looking at the Elliott Lucca Etoile Satchel in graphite last night at Lord and Taylor. It's the closest I've come to buying one, but I wanted to see what else is out there first...but I really do like that one!
  5. I have a dark pewter metallic Prada. I get tone of compliments. It's a very dark gray so it's nice but not obnoxious!

  6. I think there's a thread somewhere about some Cole Haan metallic pewter-ish bags. They're very pretty and quite subtle. Try
  7. I recently got a metallic plum botkier rose satchel and hated it! The leather felt very PVC-ish and I was not impressed. I've heard metallics are a problem for that particular brand. Maybe other labels don't have that problem.
  8. I've been considering the Elliot Lucca Etoile satchel, too. Has anyone bought it?
  9. i like metallic bags but i wouldn't buy!
  10. I bought a LV miroir lockit.
    I'm not into shiny, blingy bags, but I am a collector of rare and unusual LVs, so I added this to my collection. It is quite flashy, esp. when the sunlight hits it at direct angles.......
  11. I have a metallic purple Jenny Yuen. I can't wait to get another in fuschia :smile:
  12. the kooba cassandra comes in a silvery/pewter looks adorable! you can check it out on their website and i also know that Saks carries it as well...
  13. I used to own a silver Balenciaga classique...sold it because it was too small. Metallics have been in for the past 2-3 years, so I think it's safe to say they'll be in for awhile.
  14. I have a few metallic bags, but I've been buying them for a while now. (I don't follow trends. I buy & wear what I like.)

    *Chloe Paddington in Silver (Selfridges Vegas Supernova Event Limited Edition w/crystal padlock)
    *Chloe Paddington in Anthracite
    *Botkier Clyde in Pewter
    *Fendi Fortuny Hobo Spy
    *Jennifer Scott clutch in metallic purple
  15. I too have the Chloe silver Vegas Paddington and I absolutely love it! Have you noticed the color on edges of your bag getting worn? It has on mine and it's disappointing.:crybaby: I also have the Jimmy Choo Keeya tote which seems to get a lot of compliments every time I wear it out. I'm a fan of metallic bags and I hope they will be around for quite some time.:yes: