Metallic do they wear?

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  1. I'm not sure about the metallic bags, but I think that one might be fake, unfortunately. The leather looks off. Hope this helps!
  2. I actually think that bag is authentic. The leather, hardware, and everything looks right for that bag. I wish I could see the bales though.

    You don't really have to worry about the metallic wearing off. My pewter city has only worn off on the handles, but it hasn't worn off where it rubs against your body.

    If that's authentic, you should go for it! Metallic bbags are soo beautiful and I bet that bag looks better IRL than in her pics. :smile:
  3. I have the pewter and bronze metallics from that season in the Classique size. I haven't had any problems with durability, but I'm very careful with my bags in general and quite frankly, I don't use either as an everyday bag--they've each had a limited numbers of outings. I have heard that the color can dull/chip, but it hasn't happened to me. However, I don't carry it against my body, but rather like a top handle bag. This bag is lamb, rather than goat, just for your information. I think this leather might be difficult to photograph and that might be part of the problem here? I don't see any photos of the bales (deliberate?) though I couldn't see anything wrong in the other photos. The seller does have one negative feedback for selling a fake though.
  4. I thought the bag was authentic too... the feedback is worrisome and I hadn't noticed that. You could ask for more photos of the bales. I have the pewter from last year and I didn't like the silver then but I must say it has grown on me... now I think the silver is stunning.
  5. I had this bag in the first. I never had any problems with it and used it a lot......ended up selling it because it was too small. It looks OK, but being accused of selling a fake....that might bother me. Ask for more pics.
  6. I had the Silver Argent metallic in the City style for a brief time. It had no issues, as far as fading but I heard that metallic bags tend to dull over time but it takes a looooong time for that to happen.
  7. i had a red metallic from special xmas edition but i sold it because it's kinda hard to took care. especially because mine has a matching hardware color that's not so perfectly brushed well, so they kinda fade away.
  8. Ooh, sorry! I thought it was fake because I assumed it was Pewter, like in the title! Sorry!:rolleyes:
  9. :wondering oooo...I'm wondering about that negative feedback for selling a fake...that has me worried. I checked that buyer's feedback and winning bids and she buys a lot of designer stuff. Maybe I should wait?...:confused1:
  10. I would just ask for additional photos, ask where she got it, make sure you get a photo of the bales. You can usually judge from their response if they are selling a fake or not. Plus, from my limited knowledge, everything looks fine and if the bales are right it should be okay. You might also ask about the fake thing, maybe it was an honest mistake and not dileberate. It could also be that Paypal was in the wrong here, stranger things have happened!
  11. Lov2shop did you end up getting this bag? I wonder who won this. :graucho: