Metallic bags appropriate for summer AND fall/winter?

  1. I love the look of metallic bags, but am wondering about other people's thoughts on whether you associate them more with spring/summer, or fall/winter. Or maybe even all four seasons! :biggrin:

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I think metallics can go year around.
  3. ^^ Ditto. It depends on how you wear it. If it matches your outfit and event, go for it.
  4. i agree - metallics are really classic, you can wear them any season imo. i wear metallics as neutrals.
  5. Cool! I REALLY want one (dying for a bronze Bbag) but the only thing holding me back is that I had the notion that it's really only for spring/summer. No idea where I got that though!

    Now, my remaining concern is -- what if the metallic trend goes out of style soon??? Maybe I worry too much.
  6. i love metallics. i have a pewter balenciaga first and anthracite paddington. i've worn my pewter during summer and winter. can't really go wrong. the anthracite is more of a fall winter just because it's so dark. depending on the color it can be all year round.
  7. I agree that metallics can be used all year round :smile:
  8. I listed my Metallic Mauve Botkier on ebay because I thought it was only going to take me through August. I love the bag, and it's gorgeous, but I came to the conclusion I am for the most part a very nuetral Beige/Brown/Black Bag person.
    Given the right outfit and occassion the bag could work fabulously but for me that occassion is a rarity.
  9. i wore my metallic bronze botkier through summer and winter. it goes with everything IMO
  10. I'm thinking of getting a really cute muted gold bag but I'm unsure if I can carry it in the summer. It's not a dark gold, but like a dusty lighter gold. I'll probably still get it, but I'm just wondering what you all think about metallic bags for summer.
  11. I think its a great idea :smile:
  12. Why not??

    I am using mine right now, but I live in Miami where there are no rules!
  13. [​IMG]I like this .....

  14. Why not? I think it's workable fall or summer. Summer it'll be blingin from the sun lol
  15. [​IMG]here's the one I am using now.