Metallic Baby Spys?

  1. Do they exist? Did Fendi ever make them? If yes, then what colors? Do you own any?
  2. I believe I have seen a Baby Spy in the metallic bronze and Zucca combo, but not ALL metallic leather :hrmm:. If I can find a pic (and I'm not imagining the whole thing), I will be sure & post!

    If someone does happen to have one or finds a pic., PLEASE post:graucho:!!
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  4. So, I guess that's the only metallic baby spy there is. Any idea if they are bringing some new ones out for the holidays?
  5. i don't think they do holiday bags
  6. Thankx Litigatrix!! You proved that (for the moment) I'm NOT going crazy :wacko:!!

    Beautiful bag....any idea how much one would sell for (retail)?
  7. my best guess is around $1100? Probably about the same as a regular leather baby spy. I don't think they are limited or anything.
  8. It is such slightly less than the regular baby spy and I'm sort of aiming for that bag. I just can't get over losing my last baby spy. *tear
  9. Is 1100 USD how much they retail in the US? We seriously get ripped off here. Retail is approx 1400 USD. Out of curiosity may I ask how much the regular retails for in the boutiques in the US? It's approx 2400 USD here.
  10. Leather baby spys are about $1300 USD.
  11. ihasalover is right, the baby spys are $1300. regular spys are around $2200, but I think the metallic ones are around $2400.