Metallic Aubergine Tote

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Somebody STOP me now.

    I've got a dilemma ... Many of you know Ive been LUSTING and DROOLING over the Metallic Aubergine -- well, I went on NAP, on the INTL site, and guess what? it's back in stock, and is currently in my shopping cart.

    Price is USD 1144.95, duties are 103.05, shipping is 26.55. Orinal bag price was, I believe around 2000.

    Should I go for it?

    Will I have to pay extra in customs?

    Clock is ticking, I'm sure this deal won't last long.

    FYI -- they also have the black on black Paddy on sale.
  2. do you love it, and would you have loved it at full price?

    thats the question I always ask myself when I get the urge to splurge.

    A bargain is only a bargain if you truly love the bag anyway!!

    good luck with your decision. I personally love the Aubergine :smile:
  3. I do .. I do .. I do ... Love it that is :yes:

    Spring is just around the corner -- and not the ideal colour. it IS the perfect winter colour and would break up my black look a lot.

    I may just hold out a few days and hope for a good trip with a good overnight -- ideally one with a Nordies or NM.

    Still pondering...
  4. I have it, also from NAP(US), and I love it, Love it, LOVE it :heart: . I hope you get it and it makes you very happy!
  5. Well, I didn't go for it -- the style wasn't quite right for me. It is a gorgeous colour though.