Metallic as an everyday bag? Return Policy?

  1. I was just telling my bf about the sale.. convincing her she needs a new bag:graucho:.

    How do you think a metallic bag would hold up as an everyday bag?
    I've never had a JC one, but other metallic designer bags I have had show wear quickly.
    Also ..anyone know the return policy of the online store?

    Thank you so much!
  2. I got myself the metallic champagne Mahala from the sale. I have seen the color in person and thought it was lovely.

    I think Choo really does metallics well. They are never loud or tacky. Just think of all his gorgeous metallic shoes and translate that to a bag. Gorgeous!

    As per the return policy, it did say that you have 7 days to request an authorization number, and then once you get that, you use the free DHL service to ship it back within 7 days of receiving the authorization #.

    I do believe you don't get a refund for the duties, but this is such a low price, that I am willing to take the chance.
  3. Thank you for your thoughts!
    that's the bag I was thinking for her. How do you think the light color will hold up as an everyday bag?
  4. i like the Champagne more b/c it's more of a silver/light gold color according to how the jimmy choo sa describe it to me. the bronze on the other hand, is almost like everyones everyday brown bag. i just like something for a change and the champagne color is just a beautiful color. besides, the jimmy choo sa told me the champagnes sold at regular price and the bronze sold out on sale price. anyways, i think it will be a very nice color for everyday use . but that's just me.
  5. Thank you for your thoughts - she bought one too :smile:
  6. I got the Champagne Maddy for the (rare) times I go out. Have never seen it in person, but JC bags are great! No worries!
  7. You all are going to love your Maddys. I got the bronze cause I think it will go better into fall and winter...also it won't show dirt, but the champagne looks pretty too! I do believe this is my favorite Choo bag:girlsigh:. The metallic bronze just pops!!
    maddy 007.jpg
  8. Your maddy is gorgeous!
    Does it fit ok over your shoulder?
    can you post a modeling pic?
  9. Lady china doll, the Maddy is also one that does fit on the shoulder, but not real comfy. It is a smaller bag and I find it is more of an arm bag. I think it is more what you feel comfortable wearing though. I like a shoulder bag too, but I found mine to slip down and feel a bit awkward:sad:
  10. Thanks Robyn!!

    My best friend, who is like a sister to me ordered today a bronze maddy,
    Mahala in champagne ( sorry I have no spell check??) :O
    and I'm calling tomorrow on the blue Megan :graucho:

    I'm only going to keep one and she's getting the other two. Which one do you guys think would be the best everyday bag for me?
  11. IMO, for an everyday bag I would want the Blue Mahdi or the Bronze Mahala. The champagne is TDF, but I would end up getting it dirty very quickly:push:
  12. Robyn - the blue is a Megan - what do you think of that style compared to a mahala?
  13. I like the Megan and I think this one would be very easily worn over the shoulder like the mahala:tup:
  14. Thanks Robyn!!

    I can only get one :shocked: and wow what a tough choice!
    I had such a rough day with my computer locking up, the sale and no longer being a lurker :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    I think the JC sale lured me in and now it may be too late! I'm bag hooked!
  15. I tried to take some modeling pics using the self timer( my guy is working in Reno this week) so here goes. I seem to have trouble attaching them, but I'll try. Disregard the fat arm the bag is resting on!
    modeling choo 002.jpg