Metallic Army Scarlett or not???


    Oh Man.....I can't tell if this is my bag or not! The pics are so bad. It kinda looks likes the metallic army called Bronze in error but the angles of the pictures make the bag look skewed.

    Or wait, didn't last year they put out the Sienna & Scarlett in a Bronze??? I remember seeing it and thinking "Hey, that is the metallic army put out under a different color name".

    If someone wanted to write and get more pics, maybe this is what some of you are looking for. I'm NOT making claims of authenticity but if it is real, it's a Hot bag!
  2. I saw this Lexie and have already written them about it. I am interested if it is real. *s
  3. Very cute, good luck salesrep!
  4. I figured you had your eye on it Michelle. You and I lookout for the same stuff. Let us know if he sends more pics and if the bag looks to be real and is it MA or Bronze. Either way, if it's a real Scarlett, it's a great bag.
  5. Puts a voodoo hex on anyone else even thinking about bidding~~~~~~~~{{ potential bidder }}~~~~~~~~

    *big smile*
  6. He is sending new photos to me tonight, I will let you know.
  7. Ooh, ooh, I want that bag!!!:yes:

    Just kidding!! I certainly do not want a voodoo curse put on me:nuts:

    Good luck getting it!! It looks so cute.
  8. Shhhh....I also wrote to the seller and told him I'd give him 600 for the bag if he shipped it for free. Hmmm...maybe Lindy will get lucky and he won't take my offer...LOL
  9. D#mn you Lexie, you're always one step ahead of us, you sneaky, well dressed thing you.

  10. Is it Michelle or is it Lindy? You call salesrep two different names and I am lost!
  11. :wtf: I need to shut my mouth! Obviously I don't care if anyone knows my name but maybe others do. Once I find out a name it just sticks and I end up using it.

    Maybe I should start a Get to know you Thread. For people who want to indulge info about themselves, tell deep dark secrets, and let out those skeletons!! LOL
    It would be nice to have it as a sticky.
  12. LOL yeah maybe you should ya big mouth! :p
  13. You girls are a hoot.

    It is Lindy Michelle.

    And I offered him $800.00 and two quarts of Graeters mocha chip ice cream..that bag is mine!

    *laughing here*
  14. To be truthful, I am not sure I will bid, time will tell.
  15. Can you just imagine what he would think if I wrote him offering 600 and then you immediately offered 800??? LOLOL He'd probably wait and see if I would up my offer thinking he had some rare one of a kind bag!