Metallic Anthracite Paddy Has Arrived

Jan 25, 2006
My metallic anthracite paddy arrived this afternoon. Many, many thanks to my wonderful seller; it was a pleasure.

Unfortunately, my paddy and I are not bonding very well. I was hoping that we would hit it off right away, but we seem to be having some difficulty. Much to my dismay, I'm not sure that we are meant for each other.

I absolutely LOVE the color of the leather (which is amazing in and of itself -- so luxurious), but the silver hardware just isn't me. I'm a gold girl, but obviously gold would never work with this leather. I thought I would be able to pull it off, but I don't feel like I'm rocking the silver. It just doesn't work particularly well with my skin tone and my hair color. If only the lock weren't so big; and so silver.

I would love to see the metallic anthracite paddy grow on me. Early signs aren't good though. I think that perhaps we are not made for each other. It's a shame because this bag is SPECTACULAR. I had a close friend try the paddy on and it looked AMAZING on her. On me...not so much.

What should I do? Do I keep the bag, or do I sell it? I feel like at this stage, and at this price, I have to "LOVE" a bag, not just "love" it. Gah, it kills me to even say this because my seller and the bag are both amazing. Perhaps I should post in the marketplace? Anyone here looking for a metallic anthracite paddy?

Here she is:

anthra paddy 1.jpg

anthra paddy 2.jpg

anthra paddy 3.jpg

Serenity Now

Insanity later
Feb 6, 2006
Sorry to hear it was not love at first sight. I too prefer the gold hardware over the silver but am not too fussed. And you're right gold would not work with the metallic anthracite, tho it works like magic on a choco bag for example.

If you're not feeling it, you should part with it and buy something else with that money that you really love, one that you definitely know it's you. Sorry again it wasn't all you hoped for. I know that bummed feeling.


Feb 26, 2006
So sorry to hear this :sad2: . I think for the price you paid, you should absolutely love it. I think it's a very nice color - i'm so into these "good black alternative" shades. But ultimately, YOU should love it. My personal rule is it should be love at first sight - for a bag at least. I'm sure you won't have a problem finding it a new, loving home.


Feb 4, 2006
I think you should give it a few days. If you aren't loving it after the weekend, then it may not be for you. I had to return my jeans moyen paddy because the shape was wrong for me, even though I totally loved the color. I am sure you will find a good home for it on the Marketplace! The color is great! Cristina has her whiskey paddy on the Marketplace (if it is still available) if you want to try another color.


Jan 18, 2006
I am sorry you are not in love with your new paddy! It really is a fantastic bag- love the color! I agree with the other ladies, keep it for a few more days and then decide. I am sure it will get picked up quickly in the marketplace if you decide to sell.


Feb 15, 2006
I'm really sorry that you didn't like the bag... I think at this price, you should love it at first sight... I also thinking of buying the paddy in this color, but I'm really afraid buy the bag without seeing it IRL.. ( I live in the area where there's no dept store nearby that carry Chloe bag) I also didn't really like the silver lock.. I like the gold one better.....


Dec 23, 2005
Angst, It sounds like you are ready to return. Sometimes you know right away...I had the same experience with the tan pocket paddy...although I love the style, that particular color just does not work for me... Use the funds for a bag/style/color that you will love!
Jan 25, 2006
I'm afraid metallic anthracite paddy and I just aren't meant to be. And neither are whiskey paddy and I. (I have not previously mentioned whiskey paddy, but I purchased her last week at the NYC Chloe boutique. I tried buying one from LVR, and when my order was unable to be completed -- they listed the paddy when it wasn't in stock -- deep down I knew it was a sign. I foolishy decided to ignore my gut instinct, which very rarely lets me down. Chloe's return policy is 7 days, store credit only. I'm one day outside of the exchange period at this point.)

I think the problem for me is the design of the bag. I love both the anthracite and the whiskey colors, but I'm having serious problems with the hardware. The silver hardware doesn't look good with my skin tone, and something seems to be missing on the whiskey. What that something is, I can't put my finger on it. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but the padlock is killing me; I just can't warm up to it. If only I could remove the lock, then we'd be in business. But without the lock, the bag loses something.

So, it looks like I now have two paddys that I will be looking for new homes for. Whiskey still has her tags attached and everything - she never got the chance to go for a spin.

I learned the hard way this week that the Paddington style is simply not my cup of tea. I will most likely be posting the brand spankin' new whiskey paddy, and also the anthracite paddy, in the marketplace soon. I hope I can find some takers who will be able to give the bags the good, loving homes that they deserve.


Feb 4, 2006
The traditional satchel shape was not working for me either. I find that the pocket and box shapes are much better suited to me. I am on Chloe #3 right now (the blanc pocket) jeans moyen went back, and my big pocket was a bit too big and went to another PF member who will give it a lovely home. Toying with exchanging the blanc for a mousse or chocolate, since I have not carried it yet. If you don't like the lock, you should be a good match with the Edith. Or maybe a Gladys?