Metallic Anthracite, Mousse or Tan????

  1. On my way to Holts, they have a few Paddys on hold for me but I'm struggling with wich one.

    Metallic Anthracite - Love it! But will I get sick of metallic?
    Mousse - Love the cooler neutral colours and silver hardwar
    Tan - I dont have any tan/beige bags and feel like I should get one, even though I like the other colours better.

    What do you guys think?
  2. First off, does metal finish matter to you? Do you have a strong preference for silver or brass?

    All 3 bags are phenomenal
  3. mousse all the way girl!! And Loganz has one for sale here!!
  4. You are a sweetie. :love:

    yes, mine is new (used 2x's) - and much less than what you will pay at Holt's. ;)

    this is it ranskimmie - I think I am destined to remain a paddy owner.

    I can tell you, SpecialK = most gals with anthracite do wind up wishing they had done a different color - not all, but many, it is flashy and not as versatile as a tan, mousse, or whiskey.
  5. mousse!
  6. anthracite
  7. really?? that sucks to hear.

    I guess I'll go try them all again and figure it out...if I decide to go with mousse then I'll send you a pm Loganz;)

    I do love the silver hardware on the anthracite and the mousse but the gold suits the tan. I feel like I should get tan because I dont have ANY tan/beigy coloured bags and I kind of feel I should have one.

    Maybe I should get tan AND a mousse or anthracite:idea: That will solve my dilema but wont help my bank account:sad2:
  8. I have mousse and anthracite. I LOVE the metallic anthracite. It's really versatile with my wardrobe and not too blingy. But I love my mousse too heh.
  9. I think the metallic anthracite is absolutely gorgeous! Between that and the mousse! The only thing that I'm not crazy about the anthracite is that the leather has a different feel than the softness of the mousse. I still absolutely love that color though. So depending on what you wear a lot of, I would pick between those two. The mousse is an absolutely fabulous color and pretty much goes with everything casual.

    I have to say that the tan is my least favorite out of the 3 you mentioned, eventhough I do like it also.
  10. 1.mousse 2.anthracite 3.tan
  11. I ordered several (whiskey, tan and blue claire) and figured I could only keep one so I kept Tan because I knew it would be a classic/basic for a long long time. If you can have two, I'd say get a fashion color like mousse or anthracite, but if you can only have one get tan, black, blanc, choco or whiskey.
  12. tan

    i have the anthracite and grenat. love them both!!
  13. Normally, I'd say go for tan esp since u don't have any tan-coloured bags but I heard that the 06 tans leave something to be desired. Apparently the colour is somewhat not real, like it's painted on. If you can find an 05 one, then that would be superb! Otherwise, MOUSSE!
  14. Oh the decisions!!!

    The mousse was already gone when I got there so I didnt get to see it IRL. The store was closing in 15 minutes and I didnt want to decide in such as rush so they will hold them for me until tomorrow.

    I wish I could get 2:sad2: It would solve so many problems
  15. I say mousse or anthracite...not the tan.