metallic 2.55 - leather peel off?

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  1. Agree that any bag (any consumable for that matter) wld have some wear and tear over time, even the indestructible Levis or LV [or maybe caviar for that matter (I dun want to say more since I dun owe a caviar)].
  2. Peeling no..but fading yes..and its quite noticeable.. :sad:
  3. the color actually rubs off... depending on how you wear it. i have the 227 in navy and wore it mostly messenger style so that the rim of the back pocket kept rubbing against my pants when walking... I can see the black leather on the rim which is like 2-3mm wide. but other than that no color came of
  4. Thank you Kaban! I will enjoy and use my 2.55 more! :wlae:
  5. I once had Gold 2.54 Reissue Metallic and there are some dirts aka leather peeling off around the edges of the bag. I went to Chanel Boutique and asked abt it. They assured me and guaranteed that Chanel never have any leather peeled off from its bags because they processed it very deep. They claimed its not the leather that peeled off but its just dirts :smile: But the dirts can never be cleaned, i tried many times and then sold the bag :sad:
  6. Hi everyone, I finally got the 2.55 in London in a department store, didn't get it in Rome because the size 227 was sold out completely. I was very happy because I tried several Chanel in London and the SAs said the metallic dark silver 2.55 was sold out and found the bag in a dapartment store in London. To my surpriuse, they have the metallic navy blue too in the department store. I bought the metallic navy blue, size 227. The SA showed the metallic navy blue and dark silver, he said these bags are for fall winter and they are a bit darker then the summer ones. However, I cannot see the difference. I was torn between the navy blue and dark silver and chose the navy blue at the end. Hope I won't regret, what do you girls think? The SA also told me that these 2 colours suppose to be launched next week, that's why, they can't put them on the shelf. He showed them to me because he said everyone knew about the new colours anyway, not sure if it's his tactics to try to get me to get those bags because other SAs in the other Chanel boutique said the metallic 2.55 are sold out. According to the SA, there were also the marron, bronze?, but sold out already before it is actually launched.

    Will try to post pics of my new love when I got home next week.
  7. Congrats!! Metallic blue is TDF!
  8. Hey guys, well, I own a black mettalic 2.55 and after three days of use mine appeared to be "peeling" off on the tip of the flap. It looked grey intead of black. I took it to Chanel in Daslu and after a week they decided to give me a new one. I've had the new one for 6 months, LOVE it to death, wear it a lot, and nothing has happened yet. So yeah, I guess some of them do peel but Chanel should be able to replace it for you with a new one.
  9. I currently have 5 metallic reissues, but have had many more in the past. I sold the others to fund new bags. I've never had any problems with the metallic layer peeling or rubbing off. In fact, I consider my metallic reissues to be almost as durable as my black caviar jumbo. I say "almost" because I wouldn't dare take out my metallics in the rain. :P I'm sure it would be fine, but I'm just REALLY anal with my bags.
  10. no problem with peeling/fading on my dark silver purchased Jan 08 so far...excluding the chain breaking in April but they repaired it
  11. This happened to my metallic navy too. I am worry that this will get worse.