metallic 2.55 - leather peel off?

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  1. my friend's friend works in Chanel and she said that several customers returned and complained that the leather of the metallic 2.55 peeled off after several uses. Has anyone heard about this or happened to your 2.55? Please confirm coz I am flying to Italy tomorrow and may get a metallic 2.55 in Italy. If the leather really peel off after sometimes, then I might need to think again whether I should get it or not. Many thanks.
  2. I don't think the metallic part will peel off - the metallic parts, especially around the edges will "discolor" slightly (I like to think that it has discolored and not peeled off) - giving it the appearance that it has peeled off. I think this adds more character.
  3. mine doesn't seem to have the problem, or maybe i haven't worn it enough yet. :P the metallic is gorgeous though, you should really get it!
  4. I think it depends on a combination of factors. One being how often the bag is worn, another being how a person stores the bag, and another being the climate in which one lives.

    The metallic leather on the reissues is new to Chanel, so as a whole, it's a bit early to lay a verdict on how well it holds up over longer periods of time (as in several years).

    There have been more than a few complains on TPF about the metallic leather on the Luxe Ligne bags discoloring.
  5. I have worn my striped metallic navy bag 5 times so far and I noticed that the stripe near the edges of the bag become more dull... :sad: But you can only tell when you analyze it very closely...
  6. There are several threads on this issue if you do a search. I have 3 metallics - black, red and navy. I have had no problems with any of them flaking, peeling or becoming dull. I am reasonably careful with them but do not really baby them. In fact, I find my metallic bags to be fairly durable.
  7. i've also worn my metallic several times now and i'm pretty rough with it. i haven't noticed any peeling at all. if you LOVE the one that you're thinking about, i say go for it :yahoo:i don't think chanel repeats their colors so you don't want to miss it....
  8. Thanks everyone. May be that customer was unlucky. Hope what I want is in stock.
  9. No peeling, but as previously said, only time will tell. I don't wear it often so that's another consideration. *crossing my fingers that it won't happen*
  10. I had a little peeling my DS Stripe flap - but like krystl said, it's at the edges where it folds. It was a tiny peeling 1-1.5 mm, i think metellic is a coating so it could happen. I did "surgery" on it with leather glue and a small flat tool! So far so good.
    In spite of that, i love my bag and no regrets.

    Most people havn't had any problems though.
  11. if the peeling off of the metallic coating happened to the folded parts or edges, then there is a high chance that the problem will exist on the top parts of the bag where it folds. Then this will look obvious compare to edges.
  12. Londoner - my bag is perfectly fine everywhere else, i'm not sure how or why i had this tiny peeling on the bag, but the bag is otherwise very sturdy. I must have been one of the unlucky ones, but i think we tend to focus in on the tiny flaws, when in fact all bags will have some wear eventually. At first i was quite upset, but then i realized that the flaw was so tiny and like i said earlier, i fixed it. Now i can't even find it! I feel i should just relax and enjoy my bag!

    Please don't let this discourage you or others who are considering the metellics. They are beautiful bags. Most TPF who have the metellics have had no problems with their bags.
  13. Hi Kaban, I noticed that you also have a striped reissue.. I'm just wondering if the stripe on your bag becomes less shiny over time as you use the bag? because I noticed my stripes are wrinkled and less shiny as I use the bag... :confused1: Thanks!
  14. Hi grapegravity - the bag is supposed to be crinkled with use as the leather softens a bit, also it is supposed to have vintage look as it is aged calf - the SA told me that the shine will dull a little with use, even a new pc compared with a display pc will show the difference. Another thing she told me was that not to have the bag exposed to strong sunlight or spotlights for a long time. Maybe this is only for the striped ones as its a different coating. I love the blue one you have! Don't worry and just enjoy your bag! If you have any concerns, talk to your SA about it. I agonized about mine for too long, now i'm just going to enjoy using it!