Metallic '05 Bronze City SP:$1100. or BO

  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting, zac!
  2. Great bag from a very honest seller :smile:
  3. i love this bag!!!! yowza!
  4. the addiction is getting worse. :lol:

    i can totally see your gram rocking this bag.
  5. Lovely!! I love the metallic bronze.
  6. Very pretty, I love the metallics!
  7. i think my gram will kill me if she sees me buy another bag.
  8. Wow! If only I have the money...saving my dough for olive brown.
  9. I digress: but hey fayden!!.. wanted to let you know that everytime I saw a bronze/silver/pewter metallic bbag being posted ... i always think of you?? hehe.. i think it's because when i first joined PF, i remember seeing alot of pics with your metallic first.... i remember thinking it was gorgeous and i would definitely get that colour.... (and i did, eventually, but in a larger size).....

    hehe.. that's all. =P :heart:
  10. waterfalls- did you get the pewter city? i saw someone carrying it over the weekend at Barneys, that bag is TDF, i want one too at some point! i love the pewter color. it's simply fabulous.
  11. This is gorgeous and the seller is great. I would love to get this but I'm afraid that something a bit more on the silver side would work better for me than something with gold to it. Oh so pretty though!!!
  12. OMG i totally want this bag! i wish i had the money right now! :wtf: