Metalic Leather Bags, any feedback or advice?

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  1. Hi All

    Seeing a lot of fashion houses showing metalic leather bags. I've checked out a few at Ferragamo, Gucci etc. The gold and bronze is just so attractive to me and I'm so tempted to buy one.

    I just wonder if the metalic finish would wear off easily and if it's difficult to care for or one has to be extra careful, I dread having to be so mindful of my handbag every minute.

    Does anyone that has bought or use them have any feed back or advice to share? I really would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

    best regards
  2. Hi Grace!

    I don't own a metallic bag, but I know quite a few people on the forum do. There was a recent post from one of the other members who has a MJ metallic bag...I think she mentioned that hers rubbed off a bit. I think that it really depends on the quality of the leather, but whether it is metallic or not, you should expect some rubbing off since leather is usually treated, right?
  3. Welcome Grace! I still like metallic, I know lots of folks are over it. But I truly think that metallics, especially a toned-down metallic is just like a neutral. I love bronze leather. I don't actually have one though!
  4. I have a MJ silver/pewter metallic multi-pocket hobo and it has worn off a little. I've been told that the metallic is a spray finish on the leather and that they will ALL eventually rub off, especially on spots where it contacts your body since you're adding friction. So if the side pointing away from your body still looks nice, the backside will eventually lose the metallic sheen.

    There's a great cobbler/leather craftsman in LA that apparently can redo the finish, but I've been warned that it's a little pricey...

    My bag has lost the metallic aspect on the corners where it's rubbed against my hip and on the strap where it sits on my shoulder. The "outer" part of the purse is still completely intact. How long it will take to "wear off" and the extent of the wear has a lot to do with the quality of the purse. Most likely, the higher end the purse is, the less likely it should wear... Oh and I've had my purse for over a year. Feel free to ask more questions if I haven't covered it!
  5. hi! i started a thread about my search for a metallic i guess i have the same concerns considering the price. i do have a cheap metallic bag that scratched off easily but still looks pretty good...

    do you all like the new mj metallics? i am in love with the bronze... cannot decide between josph and the hobo and then the shiny quilted bags looks beautiful too! hope neiman marcus here gets them and soon! eluxury told me they are getting a lot of new mj metallics in a few weeks? :smile:

    i have not seen the gucci metallics?
  6. Kinda over the metallics. Never really liked them. Sorry.
  7. really? not me... my mom has had a dkny metallic evening bag since i was in college... about 10 years ago... anyway i have always loved it and it still looks as great today as it did back then... i read in vogue - i think or maybe instyle...metallic is here to stay and i agree... i love metallic paints, furniture, fabrics, clothing, nailpolish (sometimes) shoes of course...
  8. i've always thought that "getting dirty" issue with white leather.. is less painfull than "wearing off" with metalic!! <<crazy i know!! :blink:

    so if i were to consider something metalic.. the bag would've been not all metalic.. but has just a touch of metalic.. if you know what i mean.. like a fabric with metalic trems for ex.:amuse:
  9. The Botkier metallics are pretty nice. They are very subtle, not glaringly shiny.
  10. i love my pewter balenciaga and there is one up on ebay for grabs for about 850. not a bad deal IMO.
  11. I totally agree with BagLovingMom. I think that a non-overly flashy metallic is like a neutral too! I have one small leather antique-gold metallic hobo that I got from BR during spring 2004, a larger no name bronze leather hobo that's about six months old, and a Coach tote with antique-gold handles and trimmings that's almost three months old.

    The hobo from BR is in excellent shape! The colour still looks great - no worn out patches at all even though I used this bag ALL the time. I take it out, I take is shopping, I take it everywhere because it's so versatile.

    The six month old bronze hobo is still in ok shape, the area that contacts my hips has worn out a bit, but in my opinion, it doesn't look bad at all. The rest of the bag is still in very good condition.

    As for the handles and trimming on my tote, it still looks the same as it did when I first got it.

    Out of all the purses I have, I use my metallic purses the most. I find that a muted metallic bag effortlessly adds a little "something something" to most outfits. The trick is to get ones that are not "loud." So, muted bronzes, antiquey looking golds, and pale silvers are the best in my opinion.
  12. I have the MJ metallic in pewter and it has held up really well despite being my every day bag for over a year. Areas where the bag rubs against clothing like the corners and underside of the strap have "distressed" spots where the metallic has worn down, but the rubs are no worse than other bags I've owned. I have not babied this bag at all--I've carried it day after day, in the rain (no water spots), and have generally abused it. I recommend the MJ metallics for durability.
  13. I love metallics. I think they will always be around and in style. It's how you dress with it.
  14. Hi all

    Thanks to everyone for sharing!

    The metalic bags I saw at Gucci and Ferragamo are muted metalics. If anyone is interested, you can check it out online at Neiman Marcus and Gucci's own website. I don't know how to post the photos from those website here now. I'll try to figure that out later.

    I guess I might just buy the regular leather bags. I limit myself to just 1 or 2 bags a year. It's like Suede bags..... so beautiful but difficult to care for. Too little cleaning, it looks soiled...over cleaning, it gets bald...aya...ya...

    I bought this Fendi Suede bag some years ago, it was the prettiest bright Fushia colour. I just could not resist and it was on sale at 30% off. I used it daily for slightly over a happy just waking up seeing that wonderful colour and using it perks up my day! It may sound weird, but it works for me. Wearing nice clothes and a great little purse give me that spring in my steps! Ha ha! Does anyone feel that way too?

    I bought a Ferragamo 3 months ago. The full suede version was so attractive but in the end, I choose the black leather one with only suede pockets....(forgot the style name) and the suede is kinda patchy because I had stains and started cleaning it.

    I suppose, you can't even clean the metalic bags, perhaps just a damp cloth wipe down now and then?

    613, excuse my ignorance; what is BR?

    best regards