Metal Tag

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  1. I saw a city at a consignment store today. She said it was real, and everything checked out, but one thing - the metal tag.

    At the bottom right of the tag, there was a small inscription, i think? I might have been numbers, but im not sure. The point is, do you guys have at the bottom right of the tag, another script other than the and the style number? Thanks!
  2. No, only and number.
  3. Yes. Look this is from an authentic bag

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    Yes, I see what you mean. I just double checked both of my Bbags and neither of them has anything else than & number.

    Both bags where bought in a reputable Bal store.
  5. Thanks for your input! Can anyone else confirm they DO have that thing at the bottom right hand?
  6. There was a discussion about this in the ATB thread a while back. I believe Bbags did have this until recently. The little insignia apparently means the tag was made of silver. What year is your bag?
  7. The inscription is the number 925 inside an oval. I believe that staring from the late 08, Balenciaga stopping using a certain metal for the tags (silver?). If it is an older bag, the inscription should be there on the tag.
  8. It is an older bag. f/w 2006 because it had the "W" tag. Thanks for helping!
  9. 925 does mean silver. And the fact that Balenciaga recently stopped using this in the tag explains why my Bals doesn't have it as they are F/W08 and S/S09.

    Thanks for clearing this.
  11. Please post your question in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread in the Shopping section. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.