Metal on Stam or Stam hobo

  1. hi stam owners!!!

    i have a question about the metal on stam, is it easy to tarnish.
    how to protect it?!

    it seems like its easy to get scratch.....:crybaby:
    and i just bought my stam hobo within a month....

    i want to take care my baby..........

    so......please share your tip with me.

    thanks in advance
  2. There isn't really anything you can do. The hardware may get scratch and I think getting over that hurdle will help in the long run. Because I think you'll be super disappointed if you try really hard to keep it from scratching and it gets scratched. I have one tiny line on one of the kisslocks and I think it gives it character. It's not so much a scratch as a line that is lighter than the rest of the kisslock. I may take a picture of it this weekend to show yall.
  3. thank you elongreach:yes:

    so does the chain itself become tarnish?!
    should i purchase brasso to polish it?!

    thanks again.

    and would love to see your pic :wlae:
  4. I recommend you try a jewelry polishing cloth instead (test a small spot on the chain first). They sell them with a cleaner/treatment on one side and plain cloth the other. I personally wouldn't try anything else, especially not a liquid or paste polish. Too harsh!
  5. My chain hasn't become tarnished. I've had it since January. I think if it were to tarnish, it would take a while for it to happen. Prada gave you a great idea. I would try that, but please don't put any chemicals onto the hardware.
  6. thanks for the advice. :love:
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