Metal Mesh LV?

  1. Has anyone heard of the metallic Mesh Francis? Apparently it is a limited piece from 2002 F/W. I saw one on eBay and it looks so tempting but I am trying to justify spending that much. If anyone owns one, could you please comment on if you use it often? Probably not practical... but would love opinions. Thanks!
  2. Yeah it does just looks odd IMO. And as far as I know it's not really ALL that useful because I think it's a bit small.
  3. I have seen that bag too & was unsure.......I think the seller is in Greece or smething like that. But I'll bet it would be a very cute trendy "club" bag. Like something Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & The City would have used!!!
  4. thanks guys... seller is in CA and is an MPRS (double checked on their site) but my goodness is the price worth it????? Part of me wants it because I think it's so rare... but another part of me wonders how often I will carry it....
  5. Actually that seller is a PF'er in California. I think that bag is hot! It is so disco. It's not on my must get list, but it if I ever saw one for a good price, I would consider it. They don't come up on eBay that often, but I've seen them for 7-800. I think there is a dent on the front of that bag isnt there?
  6. The seller that has it listed was acutally a PF member here.

    I personally don't like that bag... it looks waaaaay too cheap. :s
  7. ^ thanks for your input. Not sure about the dent as I think the small metal pieces are too fluid, but I think I might wait until I see one for 700-800 if there have been before. I just hope I see another one...
  8. They retailed for $700-800, and since it's limited edition and rare, I think it's going to be hard to find at that price! :push: Good luck though!
  9. oh wow, that DOES look like a cheap swap shop bag!
  10. I don't think it looks cheap at all! JMO though...:shrugs:

    Looks like a great "going out" bag...what is the original selling price?
  11. Pictures?
  12. I dont think they look cheap at all. I saw 2 on eBay last year for under a thousand. It's not high in demand. (One sold, one didnt)


    looks like a dent/chip on the front. So that PFer isnt here anymore John?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. It snagged...