metal hang tags

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  1. Do authentic coach bags ever have metal hang tags? I always stay away from those because I was not sure.
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    Last edited: Apr 6, 2010
    Some bags do and infact if you call coach to replace a lost hang tag they might just send you one to match your hardware (ie. silver, gold or brass finish) I think I have about three or four bags that came with metal hang tags. On some of the poppy bags they even have plastic translucent or glittery ones. If you have a question about a particular bag I would post the question in the 'Authenticate This' thred.
  3. Most of the Madison line does. Sabrina and Julianne came with 3. One of which is metal. Some other lines had them as well. I had a bleeker duffle with metal.
  4. Yep, my Maggie has a silver metal hangtag.
  5. Some of my most expensive bags ($500+) have the metal hangtag!
  6. My two Madison Sabrinas have metal hang tags and so does my Hamptons Vintage Leather Mini Shopper. All were purchased directly from Coach, so they had better not be fakes!
  7. I bought a MFF east west duffle two years ago and it came with a silver hang tag.
  8. Yep! One I bought 5 years ago came with a silver tag!
  9. Thanks ladies I never knew that .
  10. while coach does have metal hangtags (more so now then four years prior) a LOT of fakes are done with those metal hangtags..and so if you are buying from somewhere like ebay or bonz it is best to have the ladies at authentication thread in coach shopping section above check it out for you just in case.
  11. The most notorious fake bags with the brass hangtag are carlys. Almost always, if it's a fake carly it will have a brass hangtag.
  12. My bags with metal hangtags include my bordeaux and my black Miranda Vintage Leather satchels, my mineral and espresso Lindsay Vintage Shoppers, and my graphite patent sabrina and my cherry sabrina...So a few in my collection with those. Never paid FP for any of them, either and all but one were NWT :smile:
  13. Oh, and got most of them at the outlet when they were red-lined and a couple from the Bay and Bonanz
  14. I have a few with metal hang tags- including the new floral embroidered Audrey. A little disappointing for a 500.00 bag.
  15. Lots of the mens line bags have metal hangtags too, which I really like.