Metal edge on hgbags

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  1. During my usual bag lurk last night I saw Erica listed some metal edge beauties! I specifically noticed the black metal edge part time! Anyone here get one? It's no longer listed this morning
  2. E has a BEIGE metal edge that I haven't seen before...
  3. I purchased the part time…will post pics when it arrives :yes:
  4. Kinda nervous though since I never purchased any bag anywhere besides directly from the boutique itself… hopefully it ends well!
  5. Yay!!! excellent choice of bag and seller!! Hgbags is an amazing seller of balenciaga, 100% authentic and amazing prices, service and fast shipping! Hgbags is huge!

    Congrats on your part time!! It's going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see!!
  6. As promised here it is... Arrived Tuesday with all the original packaging :smile: Was pretty happy, I just have to get used to chèvre leather it felt a little oily but that didn't really bother me, the only thing that kinda irks me and this is a question for those who own the metal edge... Does this happen (second photo) ---the leather not glued and can it/does it bend away from the metal plate? :thinking:

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  7. This is what I'm referring to..

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  8. Have you tried to contact Erica and see how she will response? I got mine from another online store and the leather fits perfectly on the metal plate. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391927483.613390.jpg
  9. This is beautiful and congrats but like elenawan said, the leather shouldn't be pulling away too much from the plating- however I know in that particular spot on these bags, the leather does tend to eventually pull away with use. Yours is brand-new though so if it does bother you you could contact Erica... It looks beautiful though!