Metal Chipping?

  1. The metal on the key ring for my Cerises PMR is chipping off. Is this common- has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Yes, it's very common to have chipping varnishing on pretty much all the hardware...unfortunately :sad:
  3. Me too^^
  4. ya it's typical. it's a plating on the hardware so it's not really solid all the way through. after a while though you can get it repolished/replated again for a nominal fee.. i personally like the look and the patina/etc. great personalized feel. :smile:
  5. ^Yeah I'm going to have to do that with one of the rings on my BH.
  6. sadly, this happened to me too on both my poch. cles & poch accessories :shame:
  7. Good info...I didn't know they can replate it.
  8. The zipper pull on my cles has chipped a bit. It doesn't really bother me.
  9. i dont like chipping hardware, :sad:
  10. :tdown: That sucks!