Met with my doctor today...

  1. And I have jumped the first hurdle to getting insurance covered breast reduction. I qualified for a referal from my dr. to the plastic surgeon.:yahoo: Only those that have or had to deal with large breasts will understand my excitement LOL

    I really hope that this goes through, since it's way out of my price range to pay for it myself!
  2. good for you. it's ridiculous how much we have to fight for things like this. doesn't seem like there would be too many women clamoring to get their breasts reduced unless they REALLY needed it, KWIM??
  3. LOL my thoughts exactly!
  4. Wooo i'm glad for you Jen!! i know someone who had really bad back problems and had to get a breast reduction... it's just hard to understand that when you're an A cup. LOL!!!
  5. Congrats, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
    You will love it when its done.
  6. I am sooo jealous now...but happy for you at the same time ! :yahoo:i wish i could go even one size down... :sad:
  7. When I was dating a guy in college, his younger sister had it done. She was already starting to have back problems at age 16! She had a reduction shortly after that and was very, very happy. Good luck, I hope you get approved for the surgery!
  8. This is good news! I hope everything goes your way!
  9. Great news!! It was the best decision I've ever made for myself!! You're gonna be so happy!!
  10. 2nd step taken... have an appt. on the 20th for a seminar that is basically a 1.5 hour class on "do you really wanna do this?"