Met w-jade at NM Palo Alto!

  1. My first PF'er run-in! She gave herself away by complimenting my baby cabas. I immediately asked if she was from the Purse Forum! The trunk show was supposed to be today but they didn't get their stuff in, so will be trucking back there tomorrow after class. It was so much fun meeting her and talking about threads here haha. And she has a new bag to share...but I'll leave that to her ;). I will take credit for enabling though!
  2. I can't believe they didn't get the merchandise! I'm so glad I didn't take the day off and drive all the way there (from Sac.). I probably would have cried! Sorry to all who went and were disappointed...
  3. How fun!!!:party:
  4. Pretty cool!!
  5. Nerdphanie, you have one awesome bronze Baby Cabas - lucky you!
    I think I know why the goods weren't at NM Palo Alto today. It's Martin Luther King's day. I realized this only when there was no mail. We'll report back. Oh, and nerdphanie coaxed me into the navy patent reissue. It really does look awesome with jeans.
  6. I was there as well, but will probably head back tomorrow again to check out the bags irl. Did you gals get a chance to go through the book? I put my name down for 2 bags...and of course I don't remember which bags it was. :p
  7. OMG, that's right MLK so no mail. I thought they said the bags were in the back though-hmmm. What time were you ladies there? I was there today also at about 1130am-noon but I will be going back Tue or Wed. I listed for 4 bags from the book but I want to see them IRL.