Met coachislove,returned my teal Sabrina & NEW GOODIES!

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  1. I decided to return it because I was just not happy paying full price for a bag that was less than par IMO.

    I took it back to the outlet in Carlsbad that way I could do some shopping at the same time.

    Got to meet coachislove and funny thing I have already had conversations with her a couple times at the outlet. But it was nice to finally meet!

    I ended up purchasing some goodies. It's cloudy today so I had to find somewhere in the house that would take decent photos. LOL

    Anyway..... anyone want to try & guess what bag I came home with????

  2. I do, I do..... Yay, a live reveal. I ALWAYS miss them!!:woohoo:
  3. you returned the Teal Sabrina???? Did you get her at the Outlets too or paid FP?

    can't wait to see your new goodies! =)
  4. hmm, satin goodies?
  5. Yes I took back my Sabrina. :sad: I bought everything from the outlet.
  6. Here's the first Amanda cosmetic case....

  7. #7 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
    My computer is doing crazy things and double posting everything...need to reboot and I'll be back.
  8. The smallest one looks like it might be a french purse
  9. amanda satchel, and madison french purse in teal
  10. curious... bring it on :smile:
  11. Gah! I want one of those so bad! :woohoo:
  12. Nope.....not an Amanda satchel or a french purse.....
  13. beautiful color!
  14. Plum Carly?
  15. Hurry hurry before the Forum goes down for maintenance!!!!:sad: