Met a Tory Burch buyer at Nordstrom!

  1. Oh man, I am seriously falling in love with TB shoes. Great looking shoes and cut wide...pure bliss!

    Well I was at Nordstrom today looking for a gift (jewelry) for my Mom's b-day and after that just had to swing by salon shoes and drool. Not to mention it was half yearly sale so it was packed.

    Anyway, I was looking at the TB shoes (and wearing my Melrose booties, BTW!) and the SA asked if I would like to meet their TB buyer who was also on the floor! Well, she is a riot and she ended up spending about 20 min with me going over the new stuff coming in for metallics and hot pink are gonna be HOT HOT HOT for S/S 08...hmmm, my self imposed bag ban doesn't apply to shoes, right? LOL!

    More stuff is coming in and my SA is going to call me - can't wait when it's here! It was just super cool having a lot of personal attention from someone so knowledgeable, especially on a Saturday during a huge sale. Nordstrom rocks!!
  2. I never really like flats so I never boarded the tory train till last weekend. I went to visit my favorite SA in Dior at bloomingdales and she was wearing a pair of tory heels. I was staring at it cause it was real cute. My SA took her shoes off and used alcohol wipe to wipe inside and let me tried it on. It was pure bliss as compared to my croc monolo blaniks. My lovely SA talked to shoe department in bloomingdales but they were sold out in my size. BOOO!! long story short, I got my shoes yesterday and I love love it. I have been wearing it since I got it. It's so comfy!!
    It must be so interesting to talk to the buyer and find out all the hot stuff! Needless to say, I am a huge tory burch fan now.
  3. Oh how much fun! I was just on Nordstroms site last night and they had the CUTEST pair of TB for spring that were available for pre order. I forget the name, but they were ivory and like a natural material, rafia looking. Of course I pre ordered a pair. Better safe than sorry. I going going to break down and buy the the black Reva flats. I keep hearing how comfy they are, who can resist that!
  4. I agree! I found a pair of flats at the Half Yearly Sale! They are comfy!
  5. Yes, there was quite a bit of the rafia/espadrille type in the book she showed me. That combined with metallic gold or the ivory HOT I want to grab them all and go on a Caribbean cruise right now, LOL!! :girlsigh:
  6. I love the espadrilles! They show a silver and black patent on line. Also love the slingbacks, did you get a peek at those?? Too cute, the spring line is going to be fun but classy, too. Book that cruise!
  7. I love her Reva flats. I have no arch so most flats "pooch" out at the sides. The gathering in the heel keeps that from happening. I will have to check out her heels. Sometimes you do need comfy yet stylish heels.
  8. Ohhh, that's so cool that you met the buyer! :nuts: I seriously live in reva's haha... I must have eight pairs! :heart: Hot pink sounds amazing... there's a fabulous pair of raspberry pink patent reva's on the sight now (patent logo, called orchid pink)! I saw them at NM and the color was so vibrant and pretty... I don't have a pair in the patent like that, and I'm very tempted! :p I wonder if the hot pink the buyer was referring to is that hot pink or another color. :confused1:
  9. wow you found some revas on sale at nordies!!!? i need to go to there!