Met a Forum Member by Surprise Today!

  1. I had such a wonderful surprise today! I am still so happy and had to share it. I live in Calgary, about an hour and a half drive from Banff, Alberta - a major resort mountain town that has a bigger LV Boutique than here in the City.

    Well I went there today to see what lovely items they may have and to revisit the possibilitiy of getting the Sunset Blvd. in Amarante, which they had in stock ... while talking to the LV store manager about it and other bag chit chat LOL this lady came up to me, all excited and wanting to ask me a question, I thought she wanted to ask the manager a question, LOL but it was me, and thought well maybe she likes my Hermes scarf or something ROFL ... but no, she says .. "can I ask you something .. are you Vista?"...

    Anyway it was Miss Piggy from the TPf .. she was in town visiting from Winnipeg with her family and recognized me from a picture of me and my husband from another thread .. he was beside me .. she was so excited to meet someone from tPF and says sometimes she feels alone since she is in a town with no LV and doesn't know any tPFers in Winnipeg, that she's met. I think I was the first PFer she met in person and she was so excited!

    We had a great visit in the store and hugged and were both so happy, and the LV Manager was happy and it was like a little party ROFL ... and our hubbies met and that was that .. so happy post and thank you Miss Piggy for coming up to us and introducing yourself, you were so delightful to meet and love your Petit White Multicolor Noe!

  2. omg how cool !! I would :heart: to meet someone
  3. How sweet. I am glad you enjoyed your experience.
  4. What a wonderful story!! I hope I get to meet a tPF member in my city one day. :smile:
  5. What a wonderful story & such a great thing to meet someone from the board- the chances of that are so slim & yet it happened!
    So happy for you both!
    Did you get a bag?
  6. Lol coudn't make up my mind, I think I'm holding out to see the new Suhali colours :smile: so no bag yet! I'm wondering what Verone will be.
  7. Aww that is such a cool story! So did you ladies make any purchases?:graucho:
  8. How awesome is that?! I sometimes see girls around my town wearing LV and wonder hmm are they on TPF? and who are they? ;)
  9. How cool!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. very cool. What a small world it is .
  11. Aww that is so great! :smile: I also wonder if any of the girls I see in ny are from tpf..hehe
  12. What a great story! That would be fun to just run into someone from tpf!
  13. Oh thats so nice! Me and my friend are both tpf'ers so I'm lucky I have someone to talk to in person about tpf and bags.
  14. Great story!
  15. How cool is that!!!!!!!
    So happy u guys ran in to each other!